Hello Interwebs!

Welcome to the recently redone i-Leet.com, the soon to be home of all my new and upcoming projects and snippets. From the simple

printf("hello world!");

to the

SELECT world
FROM hello
WHERE goodbye = "hello world"

Of course I could continue on in the millions of different ways to get this introduction across however I feel as though you get the point.

The overall point of this blog is to work as a place for me to catalogue all of the many things I find interesting or figure out as I overcome the various challenges programming and scripting have to offer, which in turn will hopefully help some of you overcome your own personal downfalls.

Farewell for now,

Signing out.


A goofy looking guy with an interest in technology based out of Toronto. Quickly jumping from project to project and language to language learning a little bit of everything, hoping one day to become skilled in multiple fields and mastered in at least one.

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