iTunes 12.3.2 Error 7, Windows Error 193 – How I Fixed It

Today I was greeted by a customer with an issue that in theory should have been a simple fix. His computer didn’t have iTunes.

As per the norm, I take the unit in for a software install and begin to work. Of course visiting the iTunes download page and downloading the latest version, then running the installer and following the prompts.

After several UAC prompts I’m greeted by the lovely message “iTunesHelper service failed to start correctly”, clicking retry does nothing, so I ignore and continue, only to be greeted with another error message.

“iTunes Error 7” with another window stating “Windows Error 193”.

Fine, iTunes didn’t install correctly, go through the uninstall process, remove all created directories from the program files, even rename his old iTunes library folder in his music directory. Attempt to reinstall, same thing.

4 attempts to reinstall later, no luck.

Finally I cave and decide to attempt to install an earlier version of iTunes and pass that off. Ending up back at Apples iTunes support page (, I come across an alternate version of the same build (12.3.2) and decide to try installing that.


The laptop on which I was attempting to install iTunes on was an older Windows 7 machine with the onboard Intel HD 4000 series graphics, according to this alternate build, it’s supposed to address issues with older graphics cards / onboard graphics. Which of course is not noted on the main download page for iTunes.

So if you have a dated computer or laptop, give this alternate version a go and see if that fixes it for you as well.

iTunes 12.3.2 Alternate Build (For Older Graphics)

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