Time For An All New Start

I recently had to undergo a complete rebuild of my system as many of the components of my old setup have come to pass. Following the death of my FX-8350, the board, and my TR2 600W PSU I decided to go with a whole new build and a migration back to Intel.

Deciding to avoid the new 6th gen, I went with the well known i7-4790k, a new MSI Z97S SLI Krait motherboard, a brand new Corsair CX600M modular PSU, 16GB of Kingston HyperX Fury RAM and a brand new Asus 24″ monitor.

While the new build is absolutely amazing and I’m loving every minute I get to use and configure the system, the arduous task of setting everything back up the way I enjoy and the reinstallation of all of my programs was greatly overlooked.


Most of my favourite IDEs and various software have since been installed, but getting all of my project spaces set back up will require a lot more tweaking.

For those of you wondering what I may be using to complete my daily tasks I shall list my favourites,

Of course this list will continue to rebuild as I continue to broaden my horizons, however, for the time being, I’ll enjoy playing with my new beast!

Signing out,


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Hello Interwebs!

Welcome to the recently redone i-Leet.com, the soon to be home of all my new and upcoming projects and snippets. From the simple

printf("hello world!");

to the

SELECT world
FROM hello
WHERE goodbye = "hello world"

Of course I could continue on in the millions of different ways to get this introduction across however I feel as though you get the point.

The overall point of this blog is to work as a place for me to catalogue all of the many things I find interesting or figure out as I overcome the various challenges programming and scripting have to offer, which in turn will hopefully help some of you overcome your own personal downfalls.

Farewell for now,

Signing out.

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